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Lowville Rural Cemetery, Lowville, New York

The Lowville Rural Cemetery, Lowville, New York, was founded in 1867 as part of the rural cemetery movement in New York.


Lowville is located in far northern New York bordering on the Adirondack region in Lewis County. The Lowville Rural Cemetery is on a hill overlooking the village of Lowville near what was once Mills' Creek.


The Lowville Rural Cemetery Association was formed on January 26, 1867 and its articles of incorporation where filed on January 28, 1867.

James L. Leonard and Dr. Frank B. Hough were instrumental in the creation of the Lowville Rural Cemetery however Mr. Leonard died before the organization was officially formed. Part of Mr. Leonard's vision for a cemetery included the purchase of 25 acres of land prior to his death. Sometime later Leonard's heirs transferred the land to the association via a quit-claim deed. In addition, 11 acres of land were purchased from Charles S. Rice, 3.5 acres from George Jackson and more land from Morris D. Moore.

As of 1902, the Lowville Rural Cemetery Association was not in debt and had reserves of close to $7,000.


The Lowville Rural Cemetery was dedicated on October 9, 1867

Famous Burials

Burk, Thomas - (1840 - 1926), Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Dayan, Charles - (1792 - 1877), United States Congressman, Lieutenant Governor of New York, served in New York Legislature.

Doig, Andrew Wheeler - (1799 - 1875), United States Congressman and served in New York Legislature.

Knapp, Charles Luman - (1847 - 1929), United States Congressman and served in the New York State Senate.


Organized: January 26, 1867
Dedicated: October 9, 1867
Location: Lowville, New York
Size: Unknown
Active: Yes
Map: Map
Website: Find a Grave - Lowville Rural Cemetery


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